What is a Christian? - How Does a Christian Behave?

How Does a Christian Behave?

The Christian now sets out to serve the Lord, and to do that he or she will need to be a regular and careful reader of the Bible. We cannot know how to please our Lord or obey Him unless we know what kind of a person our Lord is. We can only find this out through the Bible. New Christians are advised to begin with one of the Gospels and then to read the Acts of the Apostles and then the other books of the New Testament. Christians also start to pray. They develop their new friendship with Jesus Christ in prayer. As we read the Bible, God speaks to us. We speak to Him in prayer. It is essential also for Christians to have fellowship with other Christians and they should link up with a church where they can help others and be helped themselves to grow up to be like their Lord.

"He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.' "

Mark 16:15